F (2010) - The Movie

When their college comes under siege following 21, A group of educators must shield themselves by a bunch of children.

Back in England, the instructor can be made to take three weeks holiday to prevent being sued by the parents of their student and of this Wittering College Robert Anderson is struck in the face with a student. Robert is influenced by the episode and a few months afterwards, he's alcoholic, disturbed and separated from his spouse Helen. Their daughter Kate contains courses together with Robert and resides with her mum, however, she doesn't respect her daddy. He directs a memo when Robert reads violence in a different college and he's deemed paranoid and delusional by everyone. 1 day following hours, even Robert notes a few movements away from the college and he guides the safety guard James that doesn't provide much attention. But Robert realizes the Wittering College is under siege of a bunch of hooligans and that he wants to locate his daughter to be protected by Kate.

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